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Riding With Honor Series

Hang on for the ride.

What do you get when you put a bunch of good looking friends who’ve known each other for years, that work together, play together and hit the wind together into a series of books? You get the debut series by Rebecca M. Avery, Riding with Honor. Join a close knit group of friends on a biker’s journey of love and friendship and learn what it means to live and ride with honor.

Man Maid Series

Make love, not war.

What happens when soldiers come home after years of being enlisted? Often the soldier has a hard time acclimating back into every day life, an even harder time finding work, and sometimes the seemingly impossible task of finding love. A small residential and commercial cleaning business called Man Maid is helping four former soldiers do just that. Hire them on one book at a time and see what life holds in store for them.


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