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Riding With Honor Series

Riding With Honor Series

Books One to Five are available in box set form on Amazon and Nook as well!

Rough Ride (Volume 1)

Widow Lilly Warner is running from her past, leaving a life of privilege and money behind. Life lessons have taught her not to trust her own judgment and running smack into a sexy blue collar bad boy like Bobby Jackson is just further proof. When her past catches up to her will the dark and intimidating playboy prove to be more than hard to handle?

Bobby Jackson is struggling to keep his motorcycle repair shop afloat with the help of a few friends. A notorious ruffian in his small Florida town he couldn’t be further from high society. When out of his league Lilly Warner lands in his shop he finds himself not only outclassed but outmanned. Can he outlive his past indiscretions and hang on for the ride?

Slow Ride (volume 2)

Dana Atkinson prayed for the one thing she desired most, to be a mother. Knowing her plain appearance and inability to have children of her own will keep men at bay, she signs up to be a foster parent. When the single parent of one of the students in her preschool class turns out to be the father of her foster placement she finds herself not only falling for both of his daughters but him as well.

Tommy McMurray already has his hands full with his daughter Gretchen, and taking responsibility for another daughter with medical problems, is more than he is able to handle. When Dana steps in to help, he finds himself drawn to her in a way he never expected. When his past comes calling he realizes he needs Dana and not just as a mother to his daughters.

Wild Ride (volume 3)

Meredith Johnson is failing to adapt after an accident took her father’s life and left her an amputee. Severe depression keeps her locked away inside her bedroom and away from moving on. When the young man her grandfather assigns to community service helping her family shows up, she finds him to be nothing like he appears.

Chuck Reynolds violated the terms of his probation and now must complete 1000 hours of community service. With no roots of his own he is unsure how to handle the feelings helping this broken family creates within him. Though he should stay away from the judge’s granddaughter, he just can’t seem to. After all when does he ever play by the rules?

Long Ride (volume 4)

Becca Waters is being stalked by the only client she was unable to successfully defend in court. That client has since been paroled and is looking for revenge for the years he spent imprisoned. Becca’s brother, in an effort to ensure her safety, has asked the one man she can’t seem to ignore to keep her safe. Richard Long. 

Richard Long, known as ‘Dickie’ to the group of bikers he works with has wanted Becca since the first time he laid eyes on her. He senses she is running from more than just a former client though and he intends to find out her secrets one way or another. Seducing the fiery attorney may prove to be the longest ride of his life.

Unexpected Ride (volume 5)

Carla Johnson never really got a chance to grieve the death of her husband. Following the tragedy, life just took over and left her scrambling to keep her head above water. A wedding to help plan for her daughter, two young sons to care for, bills to pay and the need to find a more secure job is stressful enough. Add in nursing one handsome yet stubborn man back to health and some days it all feels like too much. In helping him heal she may have found a potential new career path but only if she doesn’t lose herself in his hazel eyes and sinful smile first. 

Detective Greg Sanders understands about human nature more than most but the middle aged mother of three he’s so fascinated by, is a whole other matter. Her need to sweep the past under the rug and pretend it isn’t part of the present not only frustrates him, but fuels the protective instincts ingrained in him as a cop and a man. The quiet, emotional and absolutely lovely woman should be predictable but he is finding her to be anything but. As the least likely person to find associating with a bunch of bikers, he often finds her right in the middle of the group, right alongside his own sister. If she can give those guys a chance, why not him?

Spirited Ride (volume 6)

Sherri Simons should have divorced TJ Simons the same year he left her. Older and wiser now doesn't make her any less attracted to him. Working in the shop owned by her brother-in-law only ensures that she sees him more often than she would like. He chose to leave their marriage not her, so before she does finally divorce him, she'll make sure to rub his nose in his loss.

Trevor James 'TJ' SImons walked away from the only woman he ever loved to follow a dream. The dream may have only resulted in a few contacts in the music business, some songs with his name on them and a mass amount of life experience, but it changed him for the better. Coming back to the little Florida town of his childhood to face the woman he never actually divorced might very well re-kindle other dreams from the past. Does he stand a better chance at making it in the music business or should he try his hand at love one more time?

Honor Ride (volume 7)

Leaving home right out of high school seemed like a good idea at the time. Now more than a decade later Gretchen McMurray is back in town and loaded down with more baggage than just clothes and shoes. Success and wealth weren't enough to keep her life from falling apart. To pick herself up again, she's going to need some help from her crazy family and an old friend who is just as aggravating as he ever was... but to big of a temptation to resist.


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