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Maid to Fit (volume 1)

Wanted: One Household Hero

Long hours at the office, a teenager to keep track of and an ailing mother to care for doesn’t leave time for anything else and Kayla Clark knows it. Hiring some help from Man Maid cleaning service may be her saving grace, if she can keep her eyes… and hands… off her new employee that is. 

Adjusting back into civilian life has proven harder than former army sergeant, Ronnie Brown, expected. Helping to restore order in Kayla’s household is becoming more than a job to him though. He’s starting to feel like fitting into her little family is right where he belongs. Now if he can just persuade his mouth-watering new boss to allow him to be more than just the hired help…

Maid to Crave (volume 2)

With a job promotion and a newly purchased home Tori Stewart could use some help. Caving in she finally hires someone from Man Maid cleaning service. Hot men are trouble and Tori has learned that lesson well. However, the maid she’s employed is a lot more erotic and infuriating than she is prepared to handle… and positively sizzling. 

Former military sergeant Seth Lewis is busting his butt… or rather shaking it… along with cleaning houses in order to pay off his brother’s mountain of medical bills. Needing money means he can’t be picky when taking cleaning positions… even if that means taking a job from the one woman who can’t stand him. He finds himself fascinated by his new boss and rather than avoiding her as he should… he instead finds himself willing to dance to her tune.

Maid to Love (volume 3)

Professor Courtney Wells has waited long enough and is going to have a baby on her own. Parenthood isn't for the faint of heart but she's well educated, self-sufficient and has finally accepted her limitations where men are concerned. But then she meets military-man-turned-maid Ian Hamiliton who leaves her questioning all she thought she knew about herself.  

Mixed Martial Arts fights and working for his buddy's cleaning business used to be enough for Ian until he met Courtney. Now he's seeing forever and family... with her. But can he teach a college professor about love?

Maid to Order (volume 4)

Cakes, cookies and desserts… yes, Sir! 

Designing custom baked goods is Amy Carlton’s life. Owning her own cupcake shop is turning out to be a bit more than she expected. With business growing faster than she can keep up, she could use a little help... even from the deliciously grumpy Master Sergeant ‘Rusty’ Hawkins. 

Life has left a bitter taste in Rusty’s mouth. Lately he finds himself without much of an appetite for anything. Until one sticky little cutie shows him just hungry he really is…


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